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Capture Los Cabos

Company: SunCom - A Member of the AT&T Wireless Network Arlington, VA

Programs: Travel

Program Types: Travel

Program Details: The "Capture Los Cabos" program clearly demonstrates that well-designed incentive programs deliver measurable return on investment. SunCom, a member of the AT&T Wireless Network, established a year-long communication and travel incentive program to support their sales goals for 2000 and the future. Tops sales performers who met or exceeded pre-established goals qualified for the SunRise Club and a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in March of 2001. All sales employees competed within their own regions to individually achieve a minimum of 130% of quota for new customer acquisition. From all sales employees who reached the minimum quota, the top 10% of each sales channel earned the trip and an honored spot in the SunRise Club. Enthusiasm was created by developing an engaging theme for the program, modeled after the childhood game "Capture the Flag". The announcement brochure was designed as a board game on which participants could track their monthly sales progress. The location of the trip was initially kept a secret to heighten excitement, but clues were provided about the sunny destination where the "whales swim freely between the ocean and the sea." In April, 2000, the location of the trip was announced to the entire sales force through kick-off parties in all eleven regions. When participants reached the last space on the game board in December of 2000 and qualified at 130% of their objective, they "captured the flag". From May through December, 2000, promotional items and motivational note cards and newsletters were sent to all participants at their home addresses. The promotional items featured "fun in the sun" gift items (mini-canvas beach chairs, sand dollars, tropical wooden fish, etc.) that conjured up images of the experiences awaiting south of the border. At the conclusion of the contest, equally fanciful "congratulations" kits were sent to each winner at his or her home address.

Objective: Establish a year-long communication and travel incentive program to support their sales goals for 2000 and the future.

Supplier: Marketing Innovators International

Sponsor Assocication: IMA

Results: Eight hundred people, a full 100% of the sales force, participated in the program. A total of 227 individuals reached the program objective target of 130% of quota. A total of 108 individuals represented the top 10% of trip qualifiers - these individuals exceeded the minimum target of 130% above quota and earned the trip to Los Cabos. This number represented a 30% increase in the number of winners from the previous year. Each winner was invited to bring a guest and SunCom management acknowledged these "significant others”' for their contribution to the winners' success. Thanks to "Capture Los Cabos", SunCom realized a 288% increase in sales and a 368% increase in customers over the previous year, by all accounts an excellent return on their investment.

Award Type: Circle of Excellence

Award Date: 2001


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